Why do men cheat or flirt ard like an ass?!

Why the heck do men cheat??Why do they flirt ard like an asshole eventho when they have the best girlfriend/lover/wife or whatever the heck it is!..Why issit necessary to even do that?Whats the deal here??I dun seem to get the freaking point and it just pisses me off even more when I think of it! Visst, it's ok to flirt, it's in the nature of men or women but am not talking abt flirt like smile at each other or giving a simple yet not too exposed comment to each other but real flirting! Like hallå??!!!Isnt wat u got enough??!!If u wud like to do that then u might as well save ur gf/lover/wife her tears and just give her up and go on doing what u do best so that the ones who are the victims cud cry over u for a short while and then move on with their freaking life!

Good, sincere, loyal men are really hard to find nowadays! I wish there were more of them coz now it's all abt the boobies, booties and how they are in bed..No more insidan är viktigare än utseendet!ARGH!!Jag blir bara förbannad!

PS..Am not talking abt wat I have! ;)..Jus in overall!!!Irriterande!!


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